‘It always struck me as a bit strange’: Sir Paul McCartney says he has stopped signing autographs… after Ringo Starr admitted he was fed up with fans flogging signed memorabilia


The former Beatle, 79, says he would rather stop and chat to fans rather than sign his name on a piece of paper or pose for a selfie after being pestered for more than half a century. 

  • Making a choice: Sir Paul McCartney insists he will no longer oblige fans with his signature because it is ‘pointless’

He told Readers Digest: ‘It always struck me as a bit strange – “here, can I write your name down on the back of this till receipt please?” Why? We both know who I am.’ 

  • ”It always struck me as a bit strange’: The superstar takes a dim view of autographs and photos, usually because of their inferior quality. Pictured: A signed Beatles postcard from 1963

The decision follows former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr’s decision to stop signing autographs in 2008. 

The star made the choice after he realised others were profiting from his signature. 

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