Inside the world’s first Beatles-themed golf course (complete with a yellow submarine)

Greg McKush has a phone to answer. He always does, it seems. Someone making a tee time or another caller inquiring about a weekend event. One more about greens fees.

“Can you hold on one second?” he says, speaking into his cell. He’s usually running the show from behind the bar, manning the cash register and juggling the tee sheet. Behind him, on the wall, is a large Beatles poster, one of many in his pro shop. Directly across from him stands a limited-edition Beatles jukebox (the same one Steven Tyler owns), a few guitars and a putter with a yellow submarine on the head. But that’s hardly scratching the surface of his obsession — Fab Four gear is all over.

McKush is the owner of Montgomery National Golf Club, a Beatles-themed golf course in rural Minnesota that, oh, by the way, is believed to be haunted (more on that later). But it wasn’t a Beatles- and music-themed course until McKush took over in 2018. Now there’s a 17-foot guitar greeting golfers in the parking lot, a hole with the world’s largest — only? — guitar bunker and a one-ton yellow submarine floating in a pond on the signature 18th. Beatlemania is everywhere. It’s on the website and on the scorecard; the holes are named after Beatles songs and, yes, there are strawberries growing near the one dubbed Strawberry Fields.

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