Harry Pinsker, Beatles’ accountant who kept the taxman at bay – obituary

Harry Pinsker, who has died aged 90, was the Beatles’ accountant from 1962 to 1970, overseeing their tax affairs, setting up their companies, helping them to buy their homes and even handling their grocery bills; “Harry was the only one who really knew what went on,” said Paul McCartney.

A partner in the West End of London offices of Bryce, Hanmer, a Liverpool-based firm of accountants, when he was asked to take on the affairs of four young unknowns who had been marched into the firm’s Liverpool offices by their manager Brian Epstein. Unimpressed by the gangling, pasty-faced youths, the senior partner in Liverpool decided to pass them on to London.

“I first met them in my office – they were just four scruffy boys,” Pinsker recalled in an interview with Economia magazine in 2017. It was he who registered their first company as Beatles Ltd, and he became such a fixture in their lives that band members, with or without partners, would drop into his home for tea, biscuits and a chat, though Pinsker’s wife Ana drew the line at admitting Paul McCartney’s giant sheepdog, Martha.

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