Giles Martin: The Beatles’ ‘Love’ ‘Is their show, really’

Surviving Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are knighted. But it is Giles Martin who lords over the band’s peerless music catalogue.

Even so, the man in command of all those classic recordings shows not a hint of ego. Martin talks humbly and freely about the songs originally produced by his dad, George Martin, who is also a “Sir.”

When the younger Martin casually mentions, “I spoke with Paul this morning, actually … ,” he doesn’t bother with a surname.

This Paul is McCartney, the rock legend. In Martin’s life, Paul is a family friend, too. The two chatted earlier this month about the relaunch of “Love” at The Mirage. The show sprouts anew Thursday night, ending its 17-month “intermission,” as the company calls it.

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