Former life model reflects on relationship with John Lennon

June Furlong got to know the former Beatle in the 60s

An unassuming street in the city centre was once home to John Lennon, with one former resident getting to know the Beatles frontman through a shared interest in art.

In tonight’s episode of the BBC’s A House Through Time documentary series, historian David Olusoga reached the final chapter in the story of a Georgian terraced house, 62 Falkner Street, in Liverpool.

He was able to interview people who actually lived there.

The complete history of the house has been charted throughout the series, with tonight’s episode beginning in the forties and working up to the present day.

Fortunes from 1945 were mixed as the area struggled, postwar, then suffered huge social and cultural problems that led to the devastating 1981 Toxteth riots.

Footage from the riots was aired, with previous Falkner Street tenants reflecting on the tumultuous events, describing bricks being thrown by rioters and police alike while buildings were looted and destroyed.

Streets were left in ruin but the former tenants said though it was a “strange” time, they could understand why the riots had occurred.

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