Close encounters of the Beatle Kind:>)

In June 1983 I had a day off work, and decided to spend it in Central London with my Beatles friends, Debbie and Zakka. It was a lovely sunny day, so we decided to go to Soho Square gardens for a picnic. It also just happened to be where Paul McCartney’s offices were (and are to this day).
We were delighted to see there was a light on in Paul’s private office, a good sign he was in the building. This was confirmed not long later when Paul came over to the window, spotted us, and did a crazy dance while laughing :>)
As it was such a nice day, we decided to stay in the square until Paul left. Around late afternoon, Paul came back to the window and beckoned us over to MPL, seemingly telling us he was about to leave. Sure enough, a few minutes later Paul and Linda came out. Both were very relaxed and very chatty. I had with me a copy of Mike McCartney’s book ‘Thank U Very Much’ – which Paul and Linda both gladly signed – giving me the biggest autographs I ever received from them.
Paul also saw I had a camera with me, and asked if I wanted to take some photos – and asked Linda over to pose for me with her.
Here are some of my pics from that day, and the autographs.
I got Mike to sign his book about a year later. When he saw Paul and Linda’s autographs already there, he wrote ..’and well done’ by his.

A wonderful day :>)

Paul and Linda McCartney outside MPL

Paul and Linda McCartney outside MPL

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