Beatles In My Life Walk of London

Every Tuesday and Sunday at 11am
“There are places I’ll remember all my life”, sang the Beatles in one of their most evocative songs.
Many of those places are in the “London Town” of this walk.
So get back with Richard to the place where the opening scenes for A Hard Day’s Night were filmed the restaurant featured in Help!

the former Apple Shop which had the psychedelic mural painted on the wall

the registry office where two of the Beatles were married

the apartment immortalised by Ringo, John and Yoko where the infamous “Two Virgins” picture was taken

we’ll also see the house where Paul lived with Jane Asher. Those were the days … for it was in that house that John and Paul wrote I Want To Hold Your Hand.

And for a grand finale – the legendary Abbey Road studios and crosswalk

For more info and to reserve your place go to https://beatlesinlondon.com/tours/the-beatles-in-my-life-walk/

Mimic The Beatles In A Hard Day’s Night on my Beatles In My Life Walk of London

“RICHARD Porter is the smartest man in Britain – at least when it comes to The Beatles. In reality, considering the Sixties pop scene was a hotbed of sex and psychedelic drugs, he probably knows more about The Beatles than the remaining members of the Fab Four can remember themselves.” Brian Crisp National Travel Editor, Escape

“When it comes to possessing a thorough knowledge of the movements of the Beatles, there are few who can surpass Richard Porter. Dubbed the “Beatles Brain of Britain,” his personal kinship with John, Paul, George and Ringo makes the London tours he conducts for London Walks some of the most popular in the city. After more than 20 years and guiding around 150,000 visitors, Richard’s lead is the one to heed. His personal knowledge adds an element of credibility that is unavailable elsewhere.” USA Today

“The walls in front of the famous studios are smeared with a million cliches, long-standing graffiti proclaiming the fans’ undying love. Here, several years ago, Paul McCartney appeared while Porter was doing his tour. Springing cheerily from his limo, Paul consorted with the fans before vamoosing to cut his album. Porter had captured the moment. Snap! We are agog. For there it is: Paul looking cherubic. As does Porter, standing before us now, irrepressible, and so likable that you wish you could set him to music. Will lightning strike twice? Will a Beatle casually materialise? But Porter is talking again, more facts, more memorabilia. Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Traveller

A Blue Plaque to John Lennon at his former home at 34 Montagu Square, as seen on the Beatles In My Life walk.
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