Apple Electronics: Inside the Beatles’ eccentric 1960s tech subsidiary that spawned color-changing paint, the robotic housewife and the ‘memory phone’

  • Apple Electronics was the tech division of the Beatles-owned record label which was founded in 1968
  • Greek engineer Alexis Mardas was a Beatles associate and was hired in to invent and market products 
  • Here, MailOnline takes a look at some of Mardas’ wackiest and most futuristic inventions while at Apple 

Say the word Apple today and we think of Steve Jobs’ multi-billion-dollar technology company that spawned the iPhone and the Mac computer.

But a decade before the California-based firm was even founded, the Beatles-owned company Apple Electronics was working on several pioneering inventions – some of which were precursors to commonly available products on the market today. 

Apple Electronics was led by Alexis Mardas, a young electronics engineer and inventor originally from Athens in Greece, known to the Beatles as Magic Alex. 

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