Animal Crossing Version Of The Beatles’ Abbey Road Is So Bad It’s Good

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons version of The Beatles’ Abbey Road is so bad it’s good. Nintendo’s hit cartoon village simulator has given players license to be as creative as they deem fit, living out their mayoral and artistic fantasies. With fans having more time on their hands to explore Animal Crossing’s various features and interact with its lovable characters, other forms of creative hilarity have arisen, such as the game’s fan-made crossover with Hamilton.

Many companies, organizations, and individuals have also used Animal Crossing to reach out to their communities, such as the Tokyo Fire Department sharing safety tips through the game. The title’s users have become so involved with the world that communities and third-party websites have formed outside the game. Not everything in Animal Crossing is hunky-dory, however, as it also has a black market that allows gamers to sell and purchase villagers.

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