A Kitten Named Lennon Rescued on John Lennon Drive is Now Playing Big Brother to Another Stray Kitty–Ringo

After being discovered on a Liverpool street called John Lennon Drive, a ginger tabby named Lennon is now playing big brother to another kitten in care—called Ringo.

When students found little Lennon on an English street on October 8, which would have been the Beatles superstar’s 80th birthday, the feline seemed very frightened, so they wrapped the kitty up in a blanket and looked for the nearest Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) center.

At the same time, workers at the Wirral and Chester RSPCA branch were hand-rearing a tiny black and white tiny kitten who was rejected by his mom and just a few days old.

Since then, six-week-old Lennon and his new pal have become inseparable—so staff have named the three-week-old after Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

Their bond is so strong that the RSPCA would like to re-home the fluffy pair together.

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