26th April 1982 – Paul McCartney Releases ‘Tug of War’

It was 36 years ago today – the release of Paul McCartney’s ‘Tug of War’ Album. I bought it on the day at Virgin in Oxford Street. On coming out I saw a blue Mercedes car passing me – and realised it was Paul’s car! He was on the way to nearby AIR Studios. Luckily there was a lot of traffic that day and I ran like hell and managed to get to AIR before Paul. On seeing me he said ‘Training for the Olympics are we!’ We had a short chat and he signed my album.
Great memories.

My copy of Tug of War – signed by Paul McCartney on its day of release

Blogger Richard Porter with Paul McCartney, during the making of Tug of War

Paul, Linda – and me, outside AIR Studios


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2 thoughts on “26th April 1982 – Paul McCartney Releases ‘Tug of War’”

  1. Andrew Kirby says:

    What a great story.

  2. Sara Fisher says:

    Wow that’s so awesome! Love the pics! Thanks Richard!

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