Why Every Beatle Except Paul McCartney Liked the ‘Let It Be’ Album

If you know the stories of the late Beatles years, you can tick off one blowup after another. Just start with the near-fistfight between John Lennon and Paul McCartney and move on through Ringo Starr’s walkout during the White Album sessions.

After those bitter moments of 1968, no one could have been surprised by the George Harrison walkout in January ’69. While George felt plenty of frustration that previous summer, the Get Back rehearsals and filming of the Let It Be documentary represented a new low point for him.

Though the Fab Four had one last great achievement (Abbey Road) in them, they still had to release an album from the Let It Be material the following year. However, the band had broken up by 1970.

While John, George, and Ringo had approved of Phil Spector finishing the album (and liked its results), Paul remained the lone dissenter. And everyone basically held their positions for the following decades.

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