Why Beatles’ Star Club Tapes Best Represent the Group’s Early Bar-Band Spirit

Any deep-delver into the Beatles‘ catalog is familiar with those raging pockets of sound where this band, so often remembered for their beautiful melodies and graceful harmonic transitions, could be one badass mother of a group.

It’s easy to list favorites indicative of this hell-for-leather slant: the guitar duel on the second side of Abbey Road, the grinding metal-fuzz of “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey,” the jagged, overdriven rhythm and blues coda to “Money.”

But often overlooked are the recordings the Beatles made at Christmastime 1962, all the evidence that exists of this unit as a literal bar band. They are the toughest recordings the Beatles ever made, the rawest, the most fun, perhaps, judging by their comments while making them, and maybe the most purely Beatles-esque, for it was a badass mother of a band the Beatles first set out to be, not the sonic wizards of a Revolver or a Sgt. Pepper. For more click here



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