There is a worldwide search to find never-before-seen photos of The Beatles and you can help

A very epic worldwide search to crowdsource, edit and publish a unique photographic biography and picture archive of The Beatles is underway. And your help is needed! To mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ last ever live performance, fans are being asked to submit photos of the iconic group that they may have lying around. Produced & published by Photobox, The People’s Beatles will provide a people’s portrait charting the astonishing journey from unknown Liverpudlians to the most popular band in the history of music. Paul McCartney’s official photographer will lead the global appeal asking for fans all over the world to get into their attics to hunt down pictures of the Fab Four that the public has never seen before.

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[Blogger’s note –  I am one of the partners in ‘People’s Beatles’




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