‘The Beatles in West London’ Live Online tour – a review

A rather nice review of our new live online ‘Beatles in West London’ tour and London Beatles Walks Our next tour is on Saturday August 8th. To book go to https://bookwhen.com/swinging60slondon#focus=ev-ss1h-20200808180000

My family and I first met Richard during the Summer of 2018. We were visiting London for all the obvious reasons but mainly because I have been a Beatle fan or fanatic since their beginning in the states in February of 1964. As a 7-year-old little boy, I had no idea that these four cool looking guys were going to not only change music but the entire world during the next 60 years or so. I just got swept up in Beatlemania like the rest of the world and listened to each and every word they said and sang for the next 56 years. But in the Fall of 1969, I saw the Abbey Road cover and dreamed about visiting that road that they were walking on and other places like it in England. I was just a kid, so London might as well have been on the moon where I just watched the astronauts walk earlier that year. Finally, in August of 2018, we arrived at Heathrow airport. I had made reservations ahead of time with Richard’s tour because I read in travel guides that he was simply the best. They were right ! My family loved Richard’s tour but I was beyond loving it, I was in Beatle heaven and St. Peter himself was showing me around! It was a lifelong wish come true when I walked across that famous zebra crossing. I told Richard thanks so much for the tour and went away happy to see London’s “other” sights.I stayed friends with Richard via social media and was still learning about the Beatles, London, and everything else about the British Invasion from the European side.Then in July of 2020, I heard about a Virtual Live Tour of West London with Richard and friends on Facebook. With the arrival of the worldwide pandemic in the Spring of 2020, we had absolutely no plans for a vacation, let alone another trip to London again this year. I’ve been working from home for 4 months and hardly ever venturing out except for food, supplies etc. So when I read about this idea of a virtual live tour of West London to see very familiar sights that any Beatle fan would certainly recognize thru their movies, songs and videos, I must say I was skeptical but all in and ready to pay any price and make a date and reserve it. I’m 63 years old so I still can’t grasp all the power and uses of the internet, but it was the BEATLES, it was London and it was Richard showing me around again …that’s a no brainer ! I was totally taken aback about how amazing the technology was and of course seeing sights that I had only seen in movies, videos and whatever form Beatlemania took over the last 60 years ! The fact that it’s LIVE and you can ask questions, hear the birds chirping, the rain falling on our particular tour, that it feels like I was actually there just as I was 2 years ago with Richard and my family. It was an amazing experience, I never left my home in New Jersey and the USA, safe from any virus and it really made my day and my Summer. I would recommend this to anyone and would pay 10 x what it cost but please don’t listen to that part guys 🙂 …..Thank you so much guys ! Please stay healthy, happy and peace and love to you all ! I’ll be there for any future tours and certainly, make sure all my relatives and friends know what you have to offer…You’re the BEST !

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