The Beatles in Twickenham

A new project is calling out for people’s personal memories of the Beatles’ association with Twickenham and the local area.

A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, Day Tripper, Hey Jude, Let It Be…. Between 1964 and 1969 many of the Fab Four’s most well-known film and TV appearances were filmed in and around the celebrated Twickenham Studios. Fifty years later, the new community venue, The Exchange is appealing for people to contribute their personal memories of the time ahead of a new exhibition and education project.

The Beatles in Twickenham, is a project developed by The Exchange, St Mary’s University, supported by Richmond Borough Council’s Civic Pride Fund and Twickenham Studios. The project will focus on and celebrate a unique period in the 1960’s when ‘Swinging’ London was at the heart of the pop, film, art and fashion worlds, and the Twickenham area developed a long association with the most famous pop group in the world.

The project is timed to mark the 50th anniversaries of both the historic Hey Jude TV broadcast and the subsequent Let It Be sessions in January 1969, both filmed at Twickenham Studios. Before this The Beatles had already formed a strong connection with the area, making a number of their ground-breaking feature and promotional films in part at least, at the St Margaret’s-based studios. Famous filming locations included a key sequence in Help! filmed on Ailsa Avenue, and Ringo’s famous pub scene in A Hard Day’s Night (filmed in the Turks Head on Winchester Rd).

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1 thought on “The Beatles in Twickenham”

  1. Linda Haggarty says:

    I and my sister used to bunk off school to go to Twickenham studios to see the Beatles filming Help. We could hear them singing and all started screaming! They filmed the Harrods van scene in Ailsa Avenue where my aunt lived. We were only a few feet away from them and had to keep quiet. One girl fainted! We saw Leo McKern, Victor Spinetti and Eleanor Bron among others.
    We broke into the studios and went inside the ‘cave’ that appears in the film. We also found the dressing rooms and hid under the tables….for about half an hour and then realised we could be there for a long time and starve! Paul’s cousin is now a good friend of mine!

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