The Beatles: celebrating 50 years of Let It Be in Classic Rock – out now

Unbelievably, it’s half a century ago this month since The Beatles released their final album, Let It BeIn the new issue of Classic Rock We take a look back to tell the story of its fractious making, in the words of those who were there. 

We also look back at the feuding behind Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut, and at Pete Townshend’s brilliant solo album Empty Glass

Given that we’re all housebound at the moment, we also thought we’d give you a break from the family jigsaw, and tax your brains with our epic puzzle/activity book. 

Also, to soundtrack your CR reading we’ve brought you a brilliant 12-track digital album from our friends at Bloodshot Records. 

Let’s be honest: We’re not essential, we’re not saving lives, we’re just here to provide entertainment. Hopefully that’s what we’ve managed to do this month, and with any luck we might at least be able to take your mind off troublesome things for a little while.

In the meantime, please keep yourselves safe, and we’ll see you next month.

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