The Beatles breakup: Paul McCartney’s ‘out of control rage’ at John Lennon – ‘You’ll PAY’

In 1970, the Fab Four finally split following the release of their last studio album Let It Be. But, of course, even around the time of The Beatles breakup, they were working on their solo careers. Ringo Starr had already released his debut in Sentimental Journey on March 27 and just four days later – 50 years ago this week – saw Paul McCartney in a great rage against John Lennon and the others.

The Beatles’ final album Let It Be was set for release on April 24, but McCartney was insistent that his solo album release a week earlier on April 17.

According to The Telegraph, Ringo hand-delivered a letter from Lennon and George Harrison to McCartney at his St John’s Wood home.

The contents said that releasing the two albums so close together was “stupid” and so The Beatles had told the record company to postpone McCartney’s solo album until June 4.

In Beatles book The One You Make, it’s reported by a source that McCartney “flew into a rage” at the news.

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