So Who is a ‘Verified Fan’ of Paul McCartney?

There has been much controversy amongst Paul McCartney fans about the allocation of tickets for his forthcoming ‘Freshen Up’ tour. To get tickets in the presale from the you have to register as a ‘verified fan’. Apparently, checks are made to see whether you are a real fan or a tout, who will sell the tickets for an enormous profit on one of the many ticket resale websites. However, many loyal fans are not getting the codes needed to order tickets and have been left very frustrated and annoyed. The annoyance is increased when you see that tickets bought through this scheme are already turning up on stubhub, and all the other sites the scheme is meant to prevent happening in the first place. At the time of writing, there are at least 10 pairs of tickets on stubhub on offer for more than £1000 a ticket – the most expensive being £16,800!!!

Clearly the verified fan scheme isn’t working!

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4 thoughts on “So Who is a ‘Verified Fan’ of Paul McCartney?”

  1. Nancy Riley says:

    Exactly right! Only those going for the “VIP” tickets did not need a code.

  2. Carol Bernstein says:

    Just HORRIFIC!
    Totally UNFAIR!!!

  3. Freddie says:

    Hey. I plan to take at least one of your tours this week. By the way, I snagged a brief video of Paul exiting Abbey Road this Monday. Cool souvenir!

    1. Great – hope to see you soon.

      Full details of my tours are at

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