Sir Paul McCartney furious with government over £16m ‘injustice’ that will cost Liverpool

Sir Paul McCartney has blasted government incompetence and a catalogue of errors that has seen a city institution miss out on £16m.

The Beatles legend has been left furious after the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) that he co-founded was left facing an uncertain future

An investigation is now underway by the Parliamentary Ombudsman, looking at how the Office for Students (then the HEFCE) disqualified LIPA from a funding process which the institution believes was ‘botched’ and riddled with errors.

Responsible for the distribution of funding for higher education to universities, HEFCE failed LIPA at the first stage of the process in 2016. Despite being allowed to proceed to the next stage of the funding process – following a subsequent successful appeal – LIPA discovered all the fund had already been allocated.

LIPA, founded 24 years ago, says the ‘series of errors’, made in 2016, has cost the institute some £16 million in potential funding and a further £160,000 for the initial steps of a judicial review.

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