Singing With The Beatles: An Interview with Lizzie Bravo

Let’s step into a time machine and travel back to February 1968…

Imagine standing outside Abbey Road Studios with a group of devoted Beatle fans. You’re hoping for a fleeting glimpse of the source of your fandom. Seeing any version of John, Paul, George, and Ringo will suffice as a sacred imprint in your memory. A photograph of a Beatle sprinting urgently into the recording studio is even better. An acknowledgment of your faithful presence from The Fab Four is akin to discovering the Holy Grail.

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How about we raise the ante on the possibilities of an encounter with The Beatles? What if you were invited to participate in a recording session with them?  Visiting London in 1968, Lizzie Bravo, a sixteen-year-old native of Brazil, can be heard providing background vocals on the original version of “Across the Universe.” Bravo’s voice is distinctly heard on the track along with another lucky fan, Gayleen Pease.

Recently, Lizzie Bravo was able to share her incredible experience via an e-mail interview.

What originally brought you to London in February 1967?

When The Beatles stopped touring at the end of 1966, my friend Denise and I realized we would never see them. She convinced her parents AND mine to send us to London as a gift for our 15th birthdays, which had happened in May and June. The sole purpose of the trip was to see the Beatles. She went a few weeks ahead of me since my father was abroad, and he needed to sign for me to travel alone. I saw the four Beatles, Brian Epstein, and Mal Evans the same day I arrived, leaving EMI Studios at night. They were recording Sgt. Pepper.

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