Roll up for the Magical Mystery Virtual Tour – Step right this way! September 26th at 7pm (UK time)

Guided by Richard Porter, author of ‘Guide to the Beatles London’.

This online tour is a unique opportunity to Imagine The Beatles and the swinging 60s in London. It is a Magical Mystery Tour of the Beatles’ London haunts:

their Apple offices, where the group played the famous ‘rooftop session’

Paul McCartney’s offices where Paul can be seen occasionally

the well known London theatre which became ‘birthplace’ of Beatlemania the site of John’s infamous ‘bigger than Jesus’ interview

what John Lennon was doing outside some public toilets in 1966!

the studio where Hey Jude was recorded

the shopping street that was the heart of ‘Swinging London’

Abbey Road Studios and the famous Abbey Road crossing

Next tour Saturday 26th September at 7pm (UK time) For Tickets go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/beatles-magical-mystery-virtual-tour-tickets-121703778277

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