Ringo Starr Spread Peace & Love For The George Harrison Fund For UNICEF

For this year’s Giving Tuesday, you could help spread some peace and love by using the Ringo Starr Facebook Frame and tagging 2 friends. To lend your support, simply visit this Facebook pagechange your Facebook profile filter and encourage two friends to do the same for UNICEF USA.

A Sample Post would read: “Hey (@name) and (@name), I know you’re big Beatles fans. Ringo Starr is helping UNICEF spread peace & love. I’m challenging you to help by changing your profile picture and donating to the George Harrison Fund. unicefusa.org/ringo.” If they prefer, however, fans can also simply donate $10.

The George Harrison Fund dates back to In 1971, when George Harrison and Ravi Shankar staged two concerts at New York’s Madison Square Garden that brought together a star-studded cast of musicians to alert the world to the plight of the Bangladeshi people, victims of simultaneous floods, famine and civil war.

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