REVIEW: Paul McCartney plays a storming home gig at the Echo Arena

It seems that in 2018 at least Paul McCartney’s homecoming gigs are like buses. You wait years for one to come along and then there are two – or three if you count his apparently impromptu jam at the Philharmonic Pub while filming Carpool Karaoke.

His last date in the city was his ‘secret gig’ at the Cavern club to just a couple of hundred lucky free ticket holders.

Tonight’s full house at the Echo Arena may have been a less exclusive event in numbers at least but it was every bit as special to his crowd of fans.

McCartney is equally at home in both extremes – intimate club or stadium – and tonight’s venue somewhere in the middle.

By the time he and his excellent band came on stage, the crowd was already in the party mood thanks to a clever film merging pictures of his life with Escheresque buildings scrolling down the screens at either side, and a thumping soundtrack of his own songs in the run up.

And it seemed to be a significant night for the ex-Beatle too as his voice was tinged with emotion as he addressed the crowd.

“We go all around the world and it’s great to back home,” he said.

Later he added: “I could spend the whole evening just chatting to you, but I won’t. We’ll play some music.

“Imagine – all the memories come flooding back.”

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