Reflections on Liverpool Beatleweek – Part One Nube 9 and The Bootleg Beatles

This years Liverpool Beatleweek was one of the most enjoyable for several years – and the good news is, the despite speculation to the contrary, it won’t be the last!

For me, Beatleweek began a few days earlier, and in London. I conducted a couple of tours for the group Argentinian Band, Nube 9. They were great fun, and it was really enjoyable to show them around all the Beatles sights in London.

Nube 9 and friends on a certain well known crossing

We went up to Liverpool on the Friday, and made our way to the Albert Dock, and a visit to the Liverpool Maritime Museum. If you ever go to Liverpool, make sure you see all the wonderful museums and art galleries. There is far more to Liverpool than the Beatles and football!

Outside the Liverpool Maritime Museum

In the evening we made our first visit of the weekend to the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, a great concert venue near the two cathedrals. The Bootleg Beatles gave their usual great performance to a enthusiastic, packed audience.

End of Part One


Part Two Coming Up – St Peter’s, Quarrymen, and the Summer of Love!

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