Paul McCartney to Play a ‘Secret Gig’ at the Cavern Club?

Speculation is mounting that Paul McCartney will play a ‘secret gig’ at the Cavern Club in Liverpool tomorrow (26th July).

Notices have gone up in Harrington Street, Liverpool, which runs to the back of the Cavern Club, that the road will be closed from 6pm today, until 9pm tomorrow, for film called ‘Live at the Cavern’ – to be filmed at the Cavern Club. It doesn’t say who will be filmed there, but Paul McCartney was in Liverpool today for his Facebook chat at LIPA, and will attend the LIPA graduation ceremony on Friday.

More news when we get it!!

Update: MPL (McCartney Productions Ltd) equipment being taken into the Cavern last night.

Update 26th July 

Tickets now on sale at Cavern for Paul McCartney’s ‘secret gig’

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3 thoughts on “Paul McCartney to Play a ‘Secret Gig’ at the Cavern Club?”

  1. Aubreyy says:

    This is definitely happening. I just watched him at LIPA doing a q&a and he confirmed he is playing he is doing a gig at the cavern at some time tomorrow.

  2. Sara Fisher says:

    Wow awesome! So wish I could be there!

  3. robert robb says:

    dammit…don’t think ill EVER get to see Paul Mc….I would love to have got to see this……

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