Paul McCartney to give some ‘Little Gigs’ in July!

Paul McCartney has been giving a series of interviews to promote his new single. In one of them he says,  “I enjoy it so we’re going to do some little gigs in July. Don’t know what those are going to be yet. Note to self, must try and figure it out ‘cause they’re approaching fast and then we do some bigger productions and things after that.”

As yet no details of when and where the gigs are going to be, but stay tuned for the latest info!

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7 thoughts on “Paul McCartney to give some ‘Little Gigs’ in July!”

  1. Sara Fisher says:

    Oh can’t wait to hear where & pray it’s close to me!!

  2. Sean kelly says:

    Please please me let it be (me)!

  3. Michael says:

    Free concert in Central Park,NYC. Would not be small, would be huge.

  4. Rob G says:

    Sure hope the gigs include New York City!! Missed the small ones he did here years ago. 🙁
    I look very forward to the ‘new’ White Album, so glad Paul confirmed!! And next year Abbey Road to be sure! Takes care of the ‘3 Masterworks’ I like to say. Giles Martin did a full amazing job on Pepper… like it was meant to be heard!! Listening to it is still life-affirming. Such a historic and unique creation.

  5. Pat Mancuso says:

    Philadelphia Paul!!!!!

    1. Sara Fisher says:


  6. Melissa says:

    Please let it be between July 6-8. Maybe I could see it because I’d be in London.

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