Paul McCartney talks touring and New Zealand

The living musical legend that is Sir Paul McCartney is in New Zealand.

The former Beatle arrived in Hawke’s Bay early on Thursday morning ahead of his Auckland concert tomorrow night.

In an exclusive interview with Mike Hosking, McCartney gushed about his love for the New Zealand countryside.

“People say to you ‘do you ever get a chance to see the countries and the city’s your playing in. So often the answer is not really. You don’t always get a chance. But [you do] if you get a day off like I had yesterday.”

He also talked about how touring has changed from when he first toured.

“We started out in a van. The change is unbelievable to these days. Your travelling around first class.”

His back catalogue is one of the most extensive in music history, but McCartney said he doesn’t think about his legacy very often.

“I don’t personally think of it too much, but what’s nice is that people will say that to me.”

McCartney also teases what fans can expect from his Mt Smart Stadium concert this weekend.

“I’m trying to make the crowd happy. I don’t want them going away saying that wasn’t worth it.”

To hear the full interview click here


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