Paul McCartney: “Sometimes In Your Life, You’re Not A God On Olympus”

PAUL MCCARTNEY OPENS UP about the doubts and fears that fed into songs on his latest album, Egypt Station.

“Sometimes in your life, you’re not a god on Olympus,” he tells Keith Cameron in the new MOJO magazine, in UK shops from Monday, August 21. “You’re a real person walking round the streets. I’m a grandfather, a father, a husband, and in that package there’s no guarantee that every minute’s gonna go right. In fact, quite the opposite.”

Not known as a confessional songsmith, the Beatle talks about his writing as “a therapy session”, citing the Let It Be album’s The Long And Winding Road as a song underestimated for its emotional heft.

In an in-depth interview he delves into the making of his new album and tackles many other topics besides – including reflections on his cannabis-wreathed past. He even reveals a recurring dream where he’s on stage with the Beatles and everything’s going wrong…

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3 thoughts on “Paul McCartney: “Sometimes In Your Life, You’re Not A God On Olympus””

  1. Lucy Kenney says:

    Never have to fear of
    Compose new songs they are
    Great ok so if you feel
    A little doubt a song listen to a demo tape of
    It or play around with
    Different sounds tempo and
    Lyrics. Your songs are fine I would not worry keep writing I know you like that I love that to
    If you ever want my opinion on a song or songs
    Just e mail me the lyrics
    Or call me with the song I
    Would be so happy to hear
    That and chat with you
    I am serious always a Beatle Girl my love to You
    Lucy kenney

  2. Lucy kenney says:

    SIR PAUL McCartney yes I
    Respect and love you of
    You the person and all
    That fantastic talent I really do hope I get the chance to see you and meet
    Up with you so l can tell
    You all what I e mail you
    A lot of messages and just
    Chat about music and tug
    Boats and fish off the boats and the next concert
    In the United States please let me know first
    Before the public knows they become sharks for tickets and I would like
    To receive mine before all
    The shark eaters receive
    Them. Again loved the show
    Very much August 20, 2018
    I’ll never for get that
    Fantastic show always from
    Your Beatles Girl Lucy Kenney enjoy the last few
    Weeks of summer love you
    Lucy Kenney

  3. Lucy kenney says:

    SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY l really do hope you reconsider and come to The
    United States love to see
    You and sing again when
    I was in the audience
    The song you played Let it
    Be oh how I should have gone on stage with you that night, I don’t mean
    To nag but I really do care thats me Lucy Kenney
    I’ll repeat this over and
    Over your Beatles Girl me
    Lucy kenney for ever!! Love!!

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