Paul McCartney ‘Secret event’ at Abbey Road Studios Tomorrow

Paul McCartney’s ‘secret London event’ will be at Abbey Road Studios on Monday 23rd July. I was outside the Studios at lunchtime today, and saw huge cameras being set up in car park. Then, this evening, many crates of equipment were being taken into the studios, with the MPL logo clearly displayed.

As yet, I don’t know the time of the event, or what actually is happening. However, as cameras were being set up in the car park, it seems that at least some of it will be outside the studios.

More when I get it :>)

cameras being set up at Abbey Road Studios today


3 thoughts on “Paul McCartney ‘Secret event’ at Abbey Road Studios Tomorrow”

  1. Sara Fisher says:

    Oh how I wish I was In London!!! I’d be at Abbey Rd early & stay late trying to see Paul!! Hope u get great pics for us to see. Wish you could have been chosen to see it! U should have after all!

  2. Sumiko says:

    Thank you so much for the information.
    I have decided to try to come to the studio after going to a bank in Hampstead anyway.

  3. Mo Owen says:

    If it’s secret,how come you know.Love Paul and hope he will be there for the fan’s that turn up.

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