Paul McCartney at Abbey Road – in Pictures

My old Beatley friend Carol-Anne Lennie was at Abbey Road for Paul McCartney’s ‘secret gig’. In fact she arrived just as Paul was going across the famous crossing! Here are some of her amazing pics. Thanks to Carol-Anne for sharing them with us.

Mary McCartney taking pics of the crossing just before Paul arrived

An unmistakable back view of Paul on the crossing

Paul stepping onto the crossing

Paul McCartney on the Abbey Road Crossing

A close-up of Paul McCartney after he crossed Abbey Road

Who is it? A couple seemingly not recognising Paul McCartney on the Abbey Road Crossing

Nile Rogers arriving for Paul’s gig

Kylie at Abbey Road for Paul’s gig

Paul and Nancy leaving Abbey Road Studios after the gig

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1 thought on “Paul McCartney at Abbey Road – in Pictures”

  1. Sara Fisher says:

    These r awesome pics Richard! Thanks to your friend for sharing them & u for posting them! So wish I could have been there too!!

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