Paul McCartney at Abbey Road -A Review

Jon Colegrave was of the lucky winners that attended Paul McCartney’s ‘Secret Event’ at Abbey Road Studios. Printed with his permission, here is Jon’s story of an incredible day:

What an amazing amazing day i got to spend with my sister MelanieColegrave and lots of new friends…
For anyone thats interested , heres our day.
We hung around outside to see paul come in at about 9am, the band arrived early and then paul slowly came over after a few photo shoots over the crossing….
then a very easy line set up to let winners into abbey road, they held a refreshments party in the courtyard , lots of food and drink.
All bags and phones were locked away as its being filmed and recorded for a spotify special… so we have to wait to see our excited faces 😃
A bit of celebrity spotting in the garden then at 2pm we were escorted into studio 2. A big stage was set up and place was already full of spotify staff and celebrities, who had kindly left front row empty, so guess where we headed….
There were only 20 ticket winners and the other 60 odd were guests, the winners were a lovely bunch.
Ive never been closer at a gig…
Nile rogers came over to chat as we waited and was joined by endless others… johnny depp, liv tyler , orlando bloom, kylie minogue, stormzy, etc etc , they were next to us in the crowd with stella and mary, everyone was mingling together.
Paul and band walked down the stairs from george martins control room and jumped on stage.
They started with a long blues jam that sounded great…
Then matchbox, then the setlist that has been posted..
He sounded great and was having fun, chatting with us, came over to read my wings over wembley badge after juniours farm, he smiled gave a thumbs up and winked, not that he had to come far, i could almost touch his shoe…je was showcasing the new album thats out in september, and we got 4 new songs, 3 of which had there world premieres today !!
Come on to me already sounds like a staple,
Confidante has the line about under the staircase, he said it was written for a guitar he had neglected, an acoustic one, with interesting bits near the end, i loved it but need to hear the real version to truly get it.
Who cares, was a rocky track about children being bullied, theres one hell of a hook, i think it was my favourite.
Fuh you…. its rude, in the hi hi hi way, not political, its just about taking her to bed, to ‘ fuh you’ …. seriously its dirty lol.
He played lady maddonna on the original.piano sitting in crowd…… 1985 was amazing, he got tearful during love me do, as first time he had played it at Abbey road since 1962….. too many highlights, helter skelter had us almost on stage…..
After show we got to mingle and chat, johnny depp gave me a hug, and i got to tell kylie she was my teenage fantasy…..
Then goodie bags on way out, stickers, lithograph and a shirt

[Thanks so much to Jon for allowing us to share his amazing story]

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