New biography claims George Martin was “frozen out” when The Beatles recorded ‘The White Album’

Author Kenneth Womack claims relations between the “fifth Beatle” and the band were fraught during ‘The White Album’ sessions

A new biography claims that the Beatles producer, George Martin was “frozen out” when the band recorded  ‘The White Album’ in 1968.

According to The Guardian, it’s author, Kenneth Womack, claims a “cold war” broke out between Martin and the band with Martin speaking “only if he was called on by The Beatles.”

Gathering accounts from sound engineers and tape operators who worked on the sessions, the biography also claims that Martin would turn up to the sessions with “a large stack of newspapers and a giant bar of chocolate”, sitting at the back of the studio.

Womack said: “I asked them [the sound engineers] what George was doing when John was playing a particularly guitar part or when Ringo was working on some drum part…they would say ‘nothing, he was in the back of the booth, reading newspapers, sharing his chocolate with us.’ He was on a kind of chocolate-and-newspaper strike.”

Martin, who passed away in 2016, was known as the “fifth Beatle” due to his significant influence in producing all of the Beatles albums.

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2 thoughts on “New biography claims George Martin was “frozen out” when The Beatles recorded ‘The White Album’”

  1. Amelia Corzine says:

    Ah, that explains his behaviour with me when I met him and asked him to give Paul a card from me during his divorce – it was ‘no no no’-hands off that one! Now I understand. Fortunately Paul was right behind him and stood beside me so I was able to simply hand him my card. How funny that was, especially the glares I got from his close associates like John Hammel, who I had met years earlier but who obviously didn’t remember me. What a life fame creates.

  2. Harold Montgomery says:

    Brian Epstein will ALWAYS be the fifth Beatle to me. Stu and Pete left the band. No disrespect to Mr Martin, he just came in 6th thats all. All you need is LOVE.

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