New Beatles Fan Film being made

Production starts later this month on ‘Here There &
Everywhere’ [HTAE], a landmark documentary film project, supported
by The Cavern Club, The Beatles Story Museum, The Hard
Days Night Hotel, The Fest For Fans, Abbey Road on the River and
The British Beatles Fan Club, and many others.
The film, shooting throughout this year and released in the summer
of 2018, is an 80-minute ‘love letter’ spanning the band’s history as
seen through the eyes, felt through the hearts and as told through
the memories of the fans . . . from those who organise the fan
festivals and tribute concerts . . the Club and event runners who
keep the fans together, the memorabilia collectors who amaze and
delight with their rare and unseen photographs and films. . . to the
authors who continue to breathe fresh life into the never-ending
magical mystery tour.
HTAE pays homage to the global family, showcasing their
contributions towards fuelling The Beatles eternal flame. HTAE is
The Beatles story as told by the fans and an important part of The
Beatles future archive legacy!
As part of the ongoing production the producers will also encourage
artists and animators around the world to include their Beatles-inspired
interludes in the film. But perhaps most importantly, if fans
have a story to tell, then they can get in touch and the producers
will look to include contributors and their stories in the film.
Many artists and bands will pack HTAE with performances. And
special licensed recordings will also be produced, featuring
musicians and vocalists from around the world, creating a global
Beatles soundtrack. The film will also feature a “surprise” finale, to
be announced over the months ahead.
The film will be launched at a number of iconic venues after
release, with a TV broadcast release at the conclusion of the
The team behind the film
Simon Weitzman is the film’s director and the publisher, producer
and author on three recent Beatles books. Simon also has 18 years
experience as a network TV director, working for BBC, ITV,
Channels 4 & 5, Sky, HBO and Disney International Television
David L Simon is one of the two executive producers. He launched
and managed Disney International Television Productions, was
head of DreamWorks Television Animation under Steven Spielberg,
and was vice president of programming for Fox Television Stations.
David is also a lifelong Beatles fan
The second executive producer The British Beatles Fan Clubs very
own Pete Nash, Chairman and magazine Editor of the legendary
Club magazine.
Contributors to the PledgeMusic campaign will receive a signed
DVD of the movie before the launch. Those who pledge for the DVD
offerings will also see their name on the film’s credits, if they pledge
during the campaign.There is also a more extensive Deluxe collector
package available, plus preview, edit suite and launch cinema
To reserve your DVD copy and see your name in the credits go to…/the-beatles-herethereandeveryw…
to be part of the family making this film. The campaign
starts February 9!

Here There and Everywhere

Here There and Everywhere

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2 thoughts on “New Beatles Fan Film being made”

  1. Patti Crichton says:

    This sounds WONDERFUL! Will it be available (the DVD) in the U.S.? I saw the Beatles in Cleveland Ohio, on Sept 15th, 1964 at Public Auditorium (the show was stopped for about 20 minutes) – I was 17 at the time. I also saw them again in Cleveland on Aug. 14th, 1966 at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I was 19, and one of the people that went down on the field after some other kids initially knocked down the flimsy “snow fence” that surrounded the baseball diamond. That show was also stopped. My “ordeal” to even GET to the 1964 concert was my own version of “A Hard Day’s Night” How we got the tickets, trying to figure out with my friends, HOW I was going to get out of the house to go to the concert. Even though I was 17 at the time my parents WOULD NOT let me go (even if I had initially HAD a ticket!) I had to go through the SAME thing in ’66, even though I was entering my 2nd year at Kent State University and was 19 years old. BUT this concert was in the summer and so I was not on campus, but back home for the summer. IF ONLY their tour had waited until September,I would have been back on campus, and would not have needed their permission to go. Those were wonderful, fun and crazy times. Sitting in the movie theatre all day watching “A Hard Day’s Night” or “Help!” over and over again! Can’t WAIT to see this film, hope it will be available in the U.S.! (Oh I also visited the original Cavern in Aug of 1968. Took pictures in there and I am SO glad I have those now. My ex-husband who was from Liverpool and I had been pen-pals since 1965 and I was over there visiting him for the first time. We married in Aug. ’71. Our marriage lasted 24 years. Though I will be 70 in March, I am still as much of a Beatle fan as I was when I “was just 17, ( you know what I mean?)” GOOD LUCK on the production of this film, I am sure it will do very well!!

  2. Tari Kellwy says:



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