Montreal Yoko Ono exhibit launches in time for bed-in’s 50th anniversary

A new exhibition by and about Yoko Ono brings historical, political and artistic notes together in one place as it opens this week in Old Montreal.

The Phi Foundation’s latest offering serves, in part, as a documentary of the famous 1969 Montreal bed-in by John Lennon and Ono.

It also offers participatory works created by Ono and a large, submission-based work focused on stories by other women.

The Ono trifecta is composed of three parts called: Growing FreedomArising, and The art of John and Yoko.

“It’s a show that really wants to underscore all the facets of art-making that Yoko Ono presents to us,” said Phi Foundation managing director, and the exhibition’s curator, Cheryl Sim.

She said Growing Freedom emphasizes three cornerstones of Ono’s practice: action, participation and imagination.

As part of the exhibition, Ono offers instructions to the public and leaves it to them to interact with everyday objects provided in the gallery space — objects like dishes, ladders and nails.

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