Meet the Beatles superfan keeping the Fab Four alive in Hamburg

This year marks 60 years since the Beatles arrived in Hamburg, a city that shaped them for stardom. The Local met superfan and walking tour founder Stefanie Hempel who is hosting a festival dedicated to the Fab Four.

It was a cassette tape that set the course for Stefanie Hempel’s life.

When she first heard the Beatles belt out She Loves You on a tape her father managed to get his hands on in East Germany, nine-year-old Hempel was hooked.

“I remember everything, every second about this moment,” Hempel, who grew up in Grabow, a small East German town between Hamburg and Berlin, tells The Local.

“I listened to this tape over and over again and I wanted to know everything about them. I started to play the songs on the piano and sing, and I fell in love immediately with the voice of John Lennon.

“Just one year later I started to write my own songs, and they were all love songs for John Lennon.”

Now Hempel’s career is dedicated to the Liverpool band that honed their style in Hamburg. The 42-year-old founded a walking and musical tour in the city more than 15 years ago.

And in March Hempel will host a three-day festival to celebrate 60 years since the band performed in the Hanseatic city.

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