March 5th 1963 – a Busy Day for the Beatles!

March 5th 1963 was a very busy day for the Beatles. They first did a photo session with John Dove at EMI House in Manchester Square, and at Montague Place, near the British Museum.

They then went to EMI Studios at Abbey Road to record their third single, ‘From Me To You’ and ‘Thank You Girl’, plus ‘The One After 909’ – which wasn’t released in 1963, but re-recorded for the ‘Let it Be’ album. The version recorded in 1963 wasn’t released until ‘Anthology One’ in 1995.


The Beatles on the steps of EMI Studios, Abbey Road, with the postman going by!
The Beatles in Montague Place, March 5th 1963. Notice John has put his glasses over the parking meter!
The Beatles on the step leading to the basement at EMI House, Manchester Squre
The Beatles in the canteen of EMI Studios, Abbey Road

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2 thoughts on “March 5th 1963 – a Busy Day for the Beatles!”

  1. Andy says:

    Love the blog. Had a fab walk around the Beatles tour today thank you so much you are a walking encyclopdia. Please let us know if the PM tour goes ahead.

    1. Hi Andy

      Great to meet you on the tour today – I’m glad you enjoyed it, and like the blog too.

      There are rumours going around that Paul McCartney will announce his tour schedule for this year very soon, and that it’s likely to include the UK.

      Will off course post any confirmations on the blog as soon as I get them.


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