Manchester Square – Where the Beatles and Many Others were Photographed

Two of the most famous photo shoots of the Beatles were taken of them looking over the balcony on the stairwell at the headquarters of EMI Records in Manchester Square, London. One was taken in 1963, and one in 1969.

However these weren’t the only photos of the Beatles taken there – in fact, EMI House and Manchester Square were used for countless photo shoots of the Fabs and many other pop stars of the 60s. EMI had their photographic department in the building and regularly utilised the area for photos. Here are some of them:

  The Beatles on the EMI Balcony 1963

Beatles 1969

The Beatles with George Martin and Dick James, March 5th 1963

The Beatles on the steps leading down to the basement at EMI

After the Beatles, only 2 other bands were allowed to post on the balcony of EMI – one were the Sex Pistols!

…and Blur

Young David Bowie by a Manchester Square sign

EMI distributed Capitol Records in the UK. Here are the Beach Boys by EMI House

Pink Floyd high kicking

The Supremes in Manchester Square

Stevie Wonder



2 thoughts on “Manchester Square – Where the Beatles and Many Others were Photographed”

  1. Nuala Forkan says:

    So what have they done to preserve such history? Have they moved it ? Yo where ? Surely no one was dumb enough to jyst destroy it ?

  2. Amy says:

    I was wondering the same.

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