Unseen Beatles: Hundreds of images are revealed charting the band’s rise to fame after worldwide hunt for footage of the Fab Four that has gathered dust in home drawers for decades

Hundreds of incredible never-before-seen images snapped by fans offer a tantalising glimpse of The Beatles’ life away from concerts during their heyday.

Pictures dusted off from lofts and home drawers following a worldwide search show John Lennon standing with an admirer outside his Surrey home after she decided to knock on his door in 1968, and Paul McCartney putting his tie before a 1963 concert.

The Fab Four were also captured cycling on bicycles during filming for their single ‘Help!’ in 1965, which soared to number one in the US and UK charts, and crowning a carnival queen in Northwich near Liverpool.

They have been published in a book, along with further unseen images, titled The People’s Beatles, following a call for pictures of band members by European photo company Photobox.

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[Blogger’s note – I helped compile this book]

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