‘Lost’ Beatles member Stuart Sutcliffe’s romance that made John Lennon ‘jealous’

Long before Yoko Ono made her brooding presence felt in The Fab Four’s studio, another woman might have been held responsible by territorial fans for breaking up The Beatles.

Astrid Kirchherr, who died last week at the age of 81, was the uber-cool German photographer who the fledgling band met in Hamburg when they travelled there in 1960 to perform at its seedy red light district clubs as they fought to make their name.

In fact, far from breaking up The Beatles, Astrid could be credited with creating them – or at least their style.

She took photos of them which became iconic and encouraged them to cut their hair into cool moptops like that of her boyfriend Klaus Voormann. She even wielded the scissors herself.

But, just like Yoko, the stylish young artist with film star looks also got together with a band member, triggering a complicated love triangle of sorts which could have finished the magic before it even began.

Back then, John Lennon’s best pal Stuart Sutcliffe, dubbed “The Lost Beatle”, was the bassist, alongside John, Paul, George and original drummer Pete Best.

Trendy Astrid and Klaus befriended good-looking art student Stuart, but love soon developed between him and Astrid, leaving Klaus on the sidelines and John bereft when Stuart quit The Beatles to remain in Hamburg

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