John Lennon RIP – How I Heard the News

The history books will tell you that John Lennon was murdered on December 8th 1980 – but in the the UK it was early in the morning on the 9th.

I woke up late that morning, and didn’t put the radio on before going to school. I cycled to school as usual, not knowing anything had happened, only to be met by my best friend, and fellow Beatles fan, Dalton, who looked really angry, and was muttering about what some bastard had done to John Lennon. The then told me that John had been murdered. My first reaction was that it was another ‘Paul is dead’ type rumour, and that really he was OK.

However, that morning, the school assembly was taken by students, and they played ‘In My Life’ as a tribute to John. It’s there that the horrible fact really sank in. I also noticed that a lot of fellow students, and also staff, were moved by the announcement too.

After school, I went home and bought the evening newspapers, which had John on the front cover, and played Beatles/John songs for the rest of the day – only to stop to watch the many tributes to John on TV.

At the time, I had never been that affected by anyone’s death before.

Fast forward to 2007. My daughter Lilia, was born at approx 6am on December 9th. John Lennon was shot around 4am London time on December 9th 1980, and died about 2 hours later.

Take a sad song and make it better :>)

PS It certainly, wasn’t planned that Lilia was born at that time!

John Lennon outside ‘Kenwood’ photo by Marilyn Demmen


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  1. Hugh Schone says:

    I was 30 yrs old at the time and was living in Marin county California, it was early evening and my mother called me from southern California and told me the news. I thought to myself well maybe it he was just wounded and they could fix him but then I turned on the news and the sad truth was revealed. The next day was very somber. At the time I was wearing the wire framed glasses just like had. I remember walking into a coffee shop early that morning and someone looked at me and I could tell it brought the sad news back to them. I realized that the world had changed for the worse that day.

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