John Lennon FURIOUS with record label in resurfaced letter – now up for auction

The Beatles star’s letter, written in 1971, details his fury with a record label concerning the release of his first album with Yoko Ono, Two Virgins. Up for auction in Boston, Massachusetts, it’s expected to be sold for £15,000 when bidding ends today. While it’s addressed to Martin George of Rock Ink, it’s actually believed to be written to a journalist of that name rather than The Beatles producer George Martin. Lennon wrote: “Yoko and I got Two Virgins out in spite of being past owners of Apple.”

He continued: “We made it in May and they f***ed us about till November!

“Then E. M. I. (who have the real control) wrote warning letters to all their puppets around the world telling them not handle it in any way (this after Sir Joe had told us face to face that he would do ‘everything he could’ to help us with it—and asking us for autographed copies!!).”

“In the States it came out on Tetragrammaton which vanished leaving a few thousand spares (it was sold discretely wrapped in a brown paper bags).

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