It was 50 Years Ago Today! – a Review

Just back from a screening of the new film ‘It Was 50 Years Ago Today – The Beatles, Sgt Pepper & Beyond. 

The film very much starts where ‘Eight Day’s a Week’ ends – but for me was much more enjoyable. Where I found Eight Day’s a Week slightly disappointing, ‘It Was 50 Years Ago Today’ was far better than my expectations.

The film is expertly written and directed by Alan G Parker, who shows much love and dedication to his subject throughout the film. A brilliant cast of interviewees included Hunter Davies, who was present during most of the recording of Sgt Pepper; Philip Norman, who has written great books on the Fabs, and John and Paul; and Jennie Boyd (Pattie’s Sister). Also giving their insights were Tony Bramwell, Freda Kelly, and surprisingly, Pete Best, who talked about his families role in the making of Sgt Pepper. Although, because the film wasn’t sanctioned by Apple, there is no Beatles music, there is plenty of footage of the Fabs, much I hadn’t seen before, as collected by Keith Badman, Beatles archivist extraordinaire.

Altogether, the film is a great tribute to a great album. Highly recommended :>)

(More recollections tomorrow, after I get some sleep – it’s been a Hard Day’s Night!

It was 50 Years Ago Today.

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6 thoughts on “It was 50 Years Ago Today! – a Review”

  1. Mark T says:

    Wow….. sounds FANTABULOUS Richard. ….. thanks for posting so soon….. “now it’s time to say Goodnight”……. kind regards. … Mark T

  2. luciane akemi grassani says:

    Very, very nice! Thanks Richard. I hope the movie will arrive in Brasil one day…

  3. rich says:

    Is this going to be DVD release in US or theatre release

  4. david says:

    Hi Richard…good to see you still involved. You took me and The Innocents on a beatle tour in London back in 2007. remember??? It was a long time ago. cheers, david Minchin

  5. david says:

    Hi Richard…great to see you still involved and going strong in all things “Beatle.” You took me and The Innocents on a beatle tour in London back in 2007….very enjoyable. regards, David Minchin

    1. Yes, I remember it well, and came to your recording session inside Abbey Road Studios!

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