Inside SiriusXM’s 24/7 Beatles Channel

How programmers are finding countless ways to reexamine the Fab Four’s legacy

“Beatlemania is a temporary state of mind that can only be accurately described by the state of one under its influence.”

This snippet from an old news report was re-broadcast earlier this summer on SiriusXM’s “The Beatles Channel.” Once the phrase “temporary” is removed, it serves as a mission statement of sorts for this 24/7 bastion of Fab Four–focused programming. The maniacs have the wheel, and their madness is contagious.

The Beatles Channel, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, has an expansive mission. First and foremost, it hopes to broaden the Beatles’ narrative to encompass nearly everyone whose orbit they touched in any way. History is written by the winners, so how did the singers who were swept off the charts by the Beatles’ British Invasion fare? You knew that John Lennon was murdered, but did you know that James Taylor lived just a block away and heard those fatal shots from his window?

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