Inside Marylebone, London’s Quaintest Rail Terminus

[Blogger’s note – this is where the Beatles shot the opening scenes of A Hard Day’s Night, and where my ‘Beatles in My Life’ walk starts

What’s your favourite railway terminal? It’s an unusual icebreaker. But ask a Londoner — and if they can remember it’s there — they might answer with Marylebone.

Somehow, this dinky redbrick station is in the railway Champions League. Reportedly, it’s the country’s fifth most popular station, despite being the capital’s youngest terminal (at a sprightly 120 years) and its smallest, by passenger numbers.

It punches above its weight with a square on the Monopoly board. It’s also a filmmaker’s favourite; The Beatles’ A Hard Days’ Night is one of many famous flicks shot within these picturesque walls.

So what’s behind this Marylebone-mania?

“It’s cosier than the other stations,” says Nora from Italy, who’s going shopping in Oxfordshire.

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