‘Get Back’ Project due in October?

It seems that the new ‘Get Back’ project is due in October. As reported here in January, 60 hours of film footage still survives from the Beatles sessions at Twickenham Film Studios and Apple Studios in January 1969. The original title was ‘Get Back’ but as the film came out after the Beatles broke up, it was re-titles ‘Let it Be’. It has been said the the original ‘Let it Be;’ film was cut to show the group breaking up. George Harrison once called it ‘The film of divorce’.

‘Let it Be;’ was released in cinemas in May 1970, and had  very brief VHS release later. However it has never come out on DVD. I was told that a release was planned around the time ‘Let it Be Naked’ came out, but was pulled over arguments over what to include in the ‘bonus’ material. It seems these arguments are to be overcome by releasing a new film. All the footage has been give to Peter Jackson, who directed the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, who is in charge of directing the new film, which is going to be called ‘Get Back’. A source close to the production told me a while ago that a book and new CD will be released too, which has been proven by the listing on Amazon, of a new book called ‘Get Back: The Beatles’ which is due for release on October 17th. To pre-order the book click here

My source also told me that he new CD release will be the original Glyn Johns ‘Get Back’ album – which has been widely bootlegged, but never officially released.

It seems that, at some point, the original ‘Let it Be’ film will be released on DVD, but it seems unclear whether it will be part of the ‘Get Back’ package, or as a separate release.

Keep on coming back here for more info when we get it!

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