“Finding the Fourth Beatle” Book Coming Soon!

Another book about the Beatles? What new insights does it possibly offer, you’d think, after all there’s already plenty of reading material around on the Fab Four already. Yet, the authors have managed to come up with a story about the Beatles that is not your average one.
Following the success of the film documentary, “Looking for Lennon,” ‘Finding the Fourth Beatle’ is their latest project investigating the history of the drummers who joined the Beatles long before they finally settled for Ringo Starr. The fully illustrated book gives a detailed look into the early career of each of the Beatles aspiring musicians, who were, at the time, always struggling to find THE ONE drummer that would be the best fit.
At last, David Bedford and Garry Popper have produced written a Beatles book that is historically interesting to say the least. Never has the topic of the search for a Beatles drummer been investigated in such detail and ‘Finding the Fourth Beatle’ is a fascinating and meticulously detailed account of the Beatles’ long search for the perfect drummer. It answers interesting and urgent questions such as why Pete Best was not sacked by The Beatles or Brian Epstein, who was asked to replace Pete Best with Ringo Starr, and why it was that Ringo became the Fourth Beatle and not anyone else.In all, ‘Finding the Fourth Beatle’ is another must-read by David Bedford and Garry Popper. A magnificent piece of research that’s sure to appeal to even the most avid Beatles fan. Gabriëlla van Karsbergen – Beatles International
To pre order the Finding the Fourth Beatle log on to TheFourthBeatle.com

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  1. Harold says:

    Sounds good. UK release only?

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