Danny Boyle’s Beatles Musical ‘Yesterday’ To Close Out This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

One of the most anticipated films of the year has been picked to close out this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. After dropping out of ‘Bond 25,’ everyone’s been curious what filmmaker Danny Boylewould be presenting next. And now, with “Yesterday” coming to theaters soon, the filmmaker has decided to make this year’s festival the place to have its world premiere.

For those that missed the recent trailer, “Yesterday” is the musical comedy that tells the story of a struggling British musician that wakes up one day to find out that the world has forgotten everything about the Beatles. Using this to his advantage, the musician uses the famous songs to launch his own career.

“This isn’t a time travel movie but it feels like introducing the Beatles music to America for the first time again,” Danny Boyle says. “Absolutely delighted that our film has been chosen to be the closing film of the Tribeca Film Festival. A great honor in a great city.”

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