Coronavirus: The Beatles, through lyrics, keep us ‘All Together Now’

The first album I ever owned was a cassette of “The Beatles/1962-1966,” a collection of the Fab Four’s greatest hits that features an iconic photo, trimmed in red, of the band looking down from a balcony.

The second album I ever owned was an LP of the iconic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” which, decades after its release, remains a game-changer for the music industry.

The Beatles remain a game-changer for me as I struggle to make it from morning to midnight while navigating a wide range of debilitating emotions generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sure, I am working from home in the Hudson Valley. I am employed. My health is strong. And the refrigerator and pantry remain stocked. But like a lot of people, I find myself on a daily basis retrieving my brain, my heart and my spirit from a very deep and very dark rabbit hole of confusion, despair and uncertainty.

I got a pat on the back and a shot in the arm from the Beatles last week, when it was announced that a “Yellow Submarine Sing-A-Long YouTube Watch Party” was to be held on Saturday, April 25.
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