Blue Plaque for 3 Savile Row?

Last week I was talking with a resident of Savile Row and we wondered why there wasn’t any sort of commemoration at 3 Savile Row, where of course the Beatles had their ‘Apple’ HQ, and played on the roof for their last ever live performance.

We though it would be a great idea if English Heritage put up a commemorative blue plaque on the building. Those of you who have visited London will know that these are put up to celebrate famous people and the buildings they live and worked in.

On the 40th anniversary of the rooftop concert I was lucky enough to go on the roof, and at the same time was shown a plaque (see below) that Westminster Council wanted to put on the building, but it seems the owners didn’t want it. I believe the building has been sold since then.

I will be contacting various Beatles people and organisations in the coming days to see what they think, and to take things further.

Do you agree that there should be a commemoration to the Beatles at 3 Savile Row? If so, please leave a comment below, or email me at richardandirina@tiscali.co.uk

We go to 3 Savile Row on my London Beatles Walks http://www.beatlesinlondon.com

Update 31st January 2019

The application for the blue plaque has been submitted to Westminster Council – but did go through before January 30th, for the 50 anniversary. However, we are expecting to get approval in mid February, with the plaque unveiled as soon as we can after that.




The rejected ‘City of Westminster’ Plaque. Beatles ‘pop band’?? The wording could have been better!

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24 thoughts on “Blue Plaque for 3 Savile Row?”

  1. Tricia Swan says:

    Yes absolutely!!!

  2. Alan G Parker says:

    YES – YES – And again YES!

  3. Casper Johnsen says:

    Yes absolutte lykke, No doubt

  4. Harold Montgomery says:

    It would most certainly be an honorable thing to do. This four man pop band that was awarded the MBE (and two of them awarded Knighthood by Buckingham Palace)with world wide acclaim and beloved by their nation, it should be and easy decision. The current property owner of 3 Savile Row should be nothing less than honored to have THEIR historical building tagged as such.
    ~ Harold Montgomery (California USA)

  5. Luciane Akemi Grassani says:

    Yes, yes!!!!

  6. Judi says:

    Yes–there should be a plaque at 3 Savile Row!

  7. Nancy Riley says:

    Yes, definitely! (But leave out the “pop band”) Abercrombie Kids which occupy the building have memorabilia inside about the Beatles, why do they not want the plaque? Strange!

  8. Absofreakinlutely
    Of all the Beatle sites in London that is the only one we made a point of visiting last month while on holiday.

  9. Michal Cobb says:

    Yes most definitely they should long overdue .

  10. Chris Brownlee says:

    Definitely YES..

  11. Josee says:

    Plaque: Yes.
    “Pop band”: No. This is irreverent.

  12. Keith Spinney says:

    Of course. You shouldn’t even be asking this question.

  13. Iain Mutch says:

    Was in 3 savile row last year.Now Abercrombie kids clothing.Was blown away,elated just couldn’t believe it.Felt obliged to buy a t shirt as well cause it’s so lovely inside and also a huge acknowledgement of The buildings Beatles history.Its free I recommend it to any fan

  14. dawade says:

    without a doubt..history was made that day and the Beatles will live on forever…so YES!

  15. liz pisani says:

    Yes, I agree there should be a Blue Plaque to remember this historical landmark.

  16. Amelia Corzine says:

    Yes of course! I think ‘The Beatles’ is sufficient. Everyone knows who they were and are. Didn’t they have their Apple office there also? I would think that should be mentioned on the plaque also and the years they worked there. Their rooftop concert there is a footnote.

  17. paul sheahan says:

    “pop band” ……. ???

    just shows what a bunch of dickheads run the council – they wouldn’t have a clue

    it is of course so insulting ………….

  18. Carol Bernstein says:

    Definitely Yes, but no “pop band” on the marker!!- How about “Greatest Rock Band EVER”???!!

  19. Patti Crichton says:

    YES!!! BUT the plaque should also point out that 3 Savile Rd was also Apple’s business office for the Beatles, not just that they gave their last live performance there on the rooftop. I hope it will come to pass!

  20. Murray Brown says:

    100% agree there should be a plaque at 3 Savile Row, I grew up like many listening and Loving there Music.
    I also visited and couldn’t believe there was no Plaque.
    Please Please me and many other music lovers, of this missing part of our Music History.

  21. Wendell Butler says:

    Absolutely!!! History that needs to be preserved. I also suggest removing “pop band” from the plaque……..no definition needed and anyway they were more than that.

  22. bill grabow says:

    I visited the site last summer and was surprised that there was nothing there to acknowledge this historical event.

  23. Seamus cullen says:

    we (my future wife and I) were in London must have been around 76 and took a stroll to Saville row (1st time ever )incredibly on the day they took one of the doors (been a few ) off its hinges which was on its side in the hallway covered in graffiti of course,but with easy access spoke to a builder who allowed us up the stairs to the roof which while magical had changed a great deal it was now all white with a new air conditioning system built up there I took a couple of pictures of my girlfriend roughly where they had been standing didn’t occur to get any of myself WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!

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